10 Days Itinerary in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the only African country (with Liberia)  that has never been colonized. Its delicious food, incredible landscapes, and history attracted my attention since years.

Unless you are planning to travel with expensive tours, Ethiopia is definitly NOT a destination for beginners. Even though it is one of the safest countries to travel in Africa, the level of poverty is still very high and it is quiet difficult to interact with the locals.

This itinerary is for two weeks in northern Ethiopia, which is in my opinion the most special and rewarding part of the country to visit.


Practical Matters

When to Visit

The best period to travel to Ethiopia is from September to January when scenery is more lush. the rainy saison in Northern Ethiopia occurs from  June to end of August. Most Ethiopian festivals occur during the autumn months.

How to Get Around

If you’ve only got two weeks to spend in Ethiopia, you should fly whenever possible—and you should wait until you arrive in Ethiopia to book your flights. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but tickets are much cheaper when purchased from a local agent. Another way to make your tickets cheaper (I’m talking an additional 50 per cent discount,

Addis Ababa

“New Flower” in English

Visit the Holy Trinity and Medhane Alem Churches,  Red Terror Martyr’s Museum, Mercato market.



Disapointing town but nice surroundings…

Danakil Depression

Amazing Dallol sulfur field and Erta Ale volcano, among other martial-looking landscapes.

I recommend the travel agency ETT tours.

Dont hesitate to bargain the Price of the 4 days tour $450. Israeli tourists paid only 400$!